"At Glassview we appreciate there can be alot of questions and we understand this! We believe that your investment is extremely important and we take great pride in being trusted with this. To help you understand as much as you can about what we offer, we have answered some commonly asked questions below"


Our dream is to not only create clean design installations that compliment any new or existing structure but to also do so in the true blue Australian way.

What started out as a small one man business has now evolved in to a family business that strives to offer the best to each and every client and holds every aspect of their work to the highest of standards.

With Isaac at the helm since the beginning, he has steered Glassview in the right direction and a partnership with Blitz Glass means that Glassview can continue to give its customers the very best in glass and quality installations.

Is glass pool fencing really safe?

Glass pool fencing is actually a very safe option as it meets all of the relevant Australian Standards for pool fencing and in many cases, it actually exceeds them. Every glass pool fence that we install is issued with a 'FORM 15' that states it meets the Australian engineering requirements.

This means that it is made strong enough for human impact, wind loading and is a safe and suitable option. One of the most important things about glass pool fencing in terms of safety is making sure that your kids and pets cannot access the pool area that the fence encloses. The good news is that glass is an excellent choice as the smooth surface means that it is very difficult to climb.

How much maintenance is required in keeping my pool fencing and balustrading?

Glass pool fencing is very low maintenance and all you will have to do is to clean the glass occasionally to keep it sparkling clean. The use of marine grade stainless steel or powder coated aluminium means that you don’t have to worry about rusting at all. We suggest the best and easiest way to clean the glass is almost just like a car.

Use a warm soapy water solution with a very soft broom or sponge and clean away. Wash down with water and squeegee dry. Using a protective film like WD40, RP7, or even a wash and wax on your stainless steel or powder coated aluminium will keep it lasting for years to come.

How do I request and recieve Quote?

Its really simple! You can get in touch by phone 04 20694866 or use the contact form under the contact pageAs one of our main goals is to provide excellent customer service we aim to provide a site check measure and quote within 24 working hours or less.


We absolutely believe that as Australians we have a unique pride and love for our homes and so we should! We build and live in a vast country of inviting beachscapes, rolling hinterlands and outdoor poolside living. We build for our future, with our landscape and lifestyle in mind.

Glassview Pool Fencing and Balustrading offer its specialist services to complement these needs and we situate ourselves differently than anyone else. What we offer is not just a service but an investment into your unique lifestyle and we take great awareness and trust in this. It is our policy to use specifically experienced, certified tradesmen to fulfil your needs from the start to the end of the process with no exception to execute the highest class and quality installations possible.

We do this because we genuinely love what we do. We want you as our customer to feel understood and valued like you haven't experienced before and we work in this mindset to build upon our employees love and enjoyment of their work.

1We are doing a renovation and want to know if you dismantle old pool fences and install new ones?
Yes we do! We can certainly cater that into our service or we can arrange you to take it down if that suits. We are very flexible with your needs.
2I have a sloping block can I still use glass for my pool fence?
You certainly can, depending on the block and your wants/needs we can do almost anything with your glass designs to work with this. From stepping the glass down or raking our glass, just ask!
3Can you design special glass panels?
We have a vast "in stock" range to choose from that caters for most situations, is very cost effective and available. If you need to make custom glass we can certainly provide you with this option however they will cost more.
4What’s the difference between frameless and semi-framless?
Frameless works with using two small vertical stainless steel spigots positioned at the bottom of the 12mm glass panel. This achieves a "frameless look" Semi frameless works with using two end posts that glaze the 10mm thick glass vertically with two wedge rubbers to hold it in place. this achieves a "semi frameless look"
1What are the advantages of stand off glass balustrade and normal glass balustrade??
Stand off glass balustrading requires a solid horizontal beam/joist to be face fitted to. Looking from the balcony out you see absolutly no glass fixtures which gives the greatest aspect to your view. Frameless glass balustrading works with almost any decking situation where the spigots are top fixed into the deck. There is a gap under the glass which certainly helps with water run off and cleaning.
2Are hand rails really necessary?
Yes handrails must be used with glass balustrading over 1metre high. There are no exceptions to this rule. They must also have three points of contact to satisfy Australian Regulations
1what are the pool fencing regulations?
The regulations are complex and every situation is slightly. For an idea on some of the more common rules look at the link provided here